iClassifier—a new tool for classifier analysis

What we aim for?

Aim 1:

To create a “CLASSIFIER DICTIONARY” of Ancient Egyptian. Each classifier will be optimally followed by all tokens it appears after (its ‘host’ words). All classified meanings (CMs) calibrated statistically by their frequency of appearance with the word, will provide the semantic scope of the classifier’s category, and its variabilities through diachronic perspectives.

The user of the dictionary will get a clear picture of the spectrum of words that the classifier appears with - and will be provided with a clear information about the central and peripheral members in the knowledge structure. This “backwards” dictionary may be helpful also for philological work of word reconstruction in broken or partially lost inscriptions.

Aim 2:

To create an advanced computerized platform which will enable its user to conduct advanced research on classifiers, such as type (taxonomic, schematic, repeater etc.), level (lexeme, word-form, referent, meta-textual), or multi-classification, across a big corpus of Egyptian lemmata.

It would also be suitable for the analysis of other scripts containing classifiers (Cuneiform, Anatolian Hieroglyphs, Chinese etc.).

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