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Database design and programming

Our data model is compatible with the Thot Data Model (TDM, cf. Polis & Razanajao 2016) and our metadata are based on the ‘Thesauri and ontology for documenting Ancient Egyptian Resources (THOT, http://thot.philo.ulg.ac.be).

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The hieroglyphic spellings are imported from Ramses Online (http://ramses.ulg.ac.be) and enriched with classifier analysis.

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iClassifier—Ongoing research projects

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The history of the development of the hieroglyphic classifiers resembles the evolution of wings. Both were born to solve a rather simple issue. The wings originated as feathers for thermal insulation and display. The classifiers as markers of word border and ambiguity dispellers. The feathers were an important prerequisite for wings, while the classifiers developed into a complex categorization tool mirroring the deep structure analysis of a lost culture. The wings enabled the bird to fly high and observe wide landscapes, the classifiers allow us to observe the landscape of the Ancient Egyptian mind.